ANO EEС and the regional operator have purchased training kits "Secrets of recycling" for schoolchildren

18 февраля 2022 г.

On February 17, a meeting of representatives of four schools of Petrozavodsk, employees of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Karelia, ANO "Energy Efficiency Centre" and the regional operator LLC "KEO" took place at the visit center of the Directorate of Specially Protected Natural Territories of Regional Significance of the Republic of Karelia. Opening the meeting, the head of the "Directorate of Protected Areas" Nikolay Palagichev and the head of the Environmental Education Department Elena Kuznetsova presented a classroom where classes with children on the topic of proper waste management will be held. The first elements of the "garbage" exposition, created by the hands of employees, are already presented in the classroom.

The lessons will also use the "eco-suitcase" - this is a development of the Moscow "Resource Saving Center". "Eco-suitcase" contains a visual aid and a methodology for conducting a lesson "Secrets of recycling" dedicated to competent waste management.

In total, the regional operator LLC "KEO" and ANO "Energy Efficiency Center" purchased eight such kits шт the framework of the project implemented jointly with NorskEnergi (Nowray) aimed at awareness-raising and promotion of separate waste collection and proper waste management in Petrozavdsk. Four of them were awarded to the directors of Petrozavodsk schools and "Children's and Youth Center" for eco-lessons and master classes. Another set is planned to be a prize in an environmental competition. The last set will be used by employees of the regional operator to conduct their own thematic classes.

According to Alexander Berdino, the project coordinator of the ANO "Energy Efficiency Center", the purchase of "eco—suitcases" is just one of the important steps taken jointly with the regional operator LLC "KEO" for the development of separate waste collection in Karelia.

In addition to "eco—suitcases", LLC "KEO" and ANO "Energy Efficiency Center" have acquired books on the topic of proper waste management and eco-educational posters, which will also be transferred to educational organizations.

Employees of Karelian Ecological Operator LLC have already held several lectures, eco-lessons and master classes for students, and will continue this work, not only with children, but also with adults.

Representatives of Karelian organizations who are interested in the topic of separate collection and recycling of waste can contact the regional operator with an application for a free thematic lesson. Employees of LLC "KEO" will be happy to tell you about the subtleties of proper handling of solid municipal waste.

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