Promoting a responsible approach to separate waste collection

13 мая 2022 г.

We continue our cooperation with Norsk Energi (Norway) and Karelian Ecological Operator LLC to work with the population of the Republic of Karelia.

Our goal is to convey to the audience the importance of separate collection and recycling of waste, as well as to explain to people how to collect and where to dispose of waste.

We decided to use the experience and best practices of other regions - this is how the visual aid "Useful Garbage", developed in the Komi Republic, was acquired.

This manual makes it possible to get acquainted in a playful way with specific measures to save resources and reduce one's personal burden on the environment, as well as in a simple understandable form tells about the types and subtypes of waste and pecularities of their collection, disposal and recycling.

The manuals "Useful garbage" will be used by the Directorate of nature protected areas of the Republic of Karelia and LLC "Karelian Ecological Operator" to work with the population, primarily with children.

In the future, we plan to prepare news stories and videos with information about proper waste management, tell about the Norwegian experience, as well as prepare an online map of collection points for different categories of waste.

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