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Installation of the first solar power station in Kivach nature reserve is completed
23 august 2019
The second stage of the implementation of the cross-border cooperation project Green Solutions for Nature Protected Areas.
The project is going well - the water will be better!
23 july 2019
The results of the 6 months of work on the project for the modernisation of water supply and sanitation systems in Sortavala in the news of a local television company Brevis.
"Green Solutions" in the energy sector continue to be introduced in Karelia
17 july 2019
Another solar power plant was built in Vodlozersky NP in the framework of the CBC Karelia "GreenSol" project.
It's warmer in Kivach NR now!
10 july 2019
By means of KA5043 project a heat pump was installed in the cafe of Kivach Nature Reserve
LowTEMP Conference: The Future of Thermal Grids (24 September 2019)
28 june 2019
The conference on the future of thermal grids in the framework of LowTEMP project will take place in Malmö, SWEDEN
Installation of a solar power station at Novguda forest base
25 june 2019
On June 16-19, 2019 a solar power station of up to 3 KW was installed at Novguda forest base
Partner work meeting (KA6000) in Sortavala
11 june 2019
On June 4, 2019 project partners SYKE and Karelvodokanal LLC met on the premises of the latter to discuss future project activities.
A study trip of KarChem experts at SYKE and FMI
7 june 2019
On May 19-24, 2019 KarChem experts took a study trip to SYKE (Finnish Environment Institute) and FMI (Finnish Meteorological Institute)
Open tender as a part of the Eco-Bridge project is announced!
31 may 2019
Announcement about the open competition for the supply, installation and commissioning of automatic hydrochemical complexes (AHC) for the needs of the Karelian Centre for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (KarCHEM) took place on 30 May, 2019.
New events of КА5043 project in Vodlozersky NP
15 may 2019
The first heat pump and a heat saving ventilation system have been installed in the tourist center of Vodlozersky National Park.
First video on the LowTEMP project YouTube channel
8 may 2019
The LowTEMP YouTube channel is launched and a first short LowTEMP video “Low temperature district heating systems save energy & reduce CO2 emissions”
KarCHEM is performing river water sampling (KA5016)
8 may 2019
Between 23 and 25 of May, 2019 during spring flood peak, water sampling has been carried out at surveyed waterbodies
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