Project "Support to sustainable development of Sortavala town for the improvement of environmental situation

Project duration: 17.5.2011-16.3.2014

Budget: 668 245 EUR, Co-financing - 80 000 EUR

Lead Partner:      Technoreactor Oy (Joensuu)

Project Partners:

  • Autonomous non-profit organization “Energy Efficiency Center” 
  • Municipal Unitary Utility (MUU) District Heating (Sortavala)
  • Karelvodokanal OJSC (Sortavala)
  • Municipal Unitary Utility (MUU) Clean City (Sortavala) 
  • Keypro Oy FIN
  • Poyry Finland Oy FIN
  • Ecofoster Group Oy FIN


  • Examination of the exisiting situation and identification of the most vital problems.
  • Examination of relevant Finnish experiences in resolving similar problems (including seminars, study tours, working discussions with participation of experts, consultantsb and equipment suppliers).
  • Development of the feasibility study for specific segments including water/waste water, solid waste and district heating.
  • Development of investment schemes for the water/waste water and solid waste projects and including business plans, negotiations with the Finnish technology/equipment suppliers, discussion of investment co-financing models with Finnish environmental authorities and international financing institutions (NEFCO, NIB etc.).
  • Arrangement of tender for the development of the set of technical design documentation under the nwater/waste water component, identification of the best private and public partnership arrangement for improving the solid waste management system in Sortavala town, development of the project application on rehabilitation of the district heating system in Sortavala town.


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