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News of our waste management project

26 september 2022

Regioanal TV Channel Sampo TV  prepared a new report on plastic waste and PET bottles in particular, that tells the audience where such bottles can be turned in and what happens to them afterwards. 

Waste recycling is a problem that affects absolutely everyone on the planet. 

Every year together we produce a mountain of waste that is as high as Elbrus. How do we prevent an environmental catastrophe from happening? It is simple - every person should be the change they want to see the world. Even people who has no idea what separate waste collection meansm can make a small contribution to the collective affort. What a PET bottle is and where it is collected in Petrozavodsk, - was clarified by Natalya Ilina.  

Information agency Respublica has also published an we co-wrote about the city waste collection infrastructure. We also offer advice on how to properly handle waste. 

Sampo TV report (in Russian)

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