Reconstruction of water supply system in Valdai settlement

Objective: To reduce the consumption of electricity and improving the quality of drinking water.

Actors: Segezha region and the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO).


  1. Soft loan, NEFCO (3% per annum in rubles) - 5,000,000 rubles
  2. Administrations of Segezha region - 580,000 rubles.

Project Summary
The project was planned to open an existing water intake. To this end, the following works were carried out:

  • Maintenance of wells with all necessary equipment including the construction of the building (container-type).
  • Construction of the trunk water pipeline from the main water supply wells to the existing networks of the village, 600 m length. Connect the hospital to the centralized water supply.
  • Organization of places for the fueling of water carriers.
  • Since the wells are located on the side of the village, it did not require significant work for the organization of sanitary cordone (cutting bushes produced in the protection zone).
  • To enable refueling water carriers without reducing the pressure in the system and construction of water towers pump was set to the maximum capacity of 10 m3 / h, with a variable frequency, thereby saving the power consumption in the future.

To ensure the required system pressure, the pump (Grundfos SP14A-18) will work with the maximum flow of 10 m3 / h and head of 80 m.

  • The cost of the proposed pump was about 110.000 rubles.
  • The cost of the additional equipment needed to operate the pump (frequency control, protection, control panel, etc.) - about 160.000 rubles.

Since there are two wells, and one of them will be used as a backup, it is necessary to purchase two sets of pumps and auxiliary equipment.

Expenditure on water supply
After installing the new hardware the power consumption is as follows:

  • 3 hours a day (during refueling water carriers) - the pump will run at maximum capacity and consume 5.5 kWh, amounting to 6.023 kWh a year.
  • for 21 hours, the pump will operate at minimum power and will consume 1.8 kWh, amounting to 13.797 kWh per year.

Electricity supply going to maintain a minimum temperature of 5 degrees in the room with pumping equipment in the winter, as well as the use of lighting, during any work in the building of a new water intake. The average cost of electricity in the lighting will be about 200 kWh per month, or 2,400 kWh per year. In the cold period is added to the flow heaters. On average, two electric heater capacity of 1 kWh with automatic control, will consume 1 kWh during the heating season (247 days), which will be 5.928 kWh for the entire cold period.
Electricity consumption for all equipment will be 28.148 kWh.

All charges after implementation of the project will amount to 2 122 396 RUB (see the table below)

Expenses, rub .: 2.122.396
Wage fund 748.060
Social Security contributions 125.660
Fuels and lubricants 238.360
Electricity 539.316
Chemicals (Chlorine) 0
other expenses 471.000

After the implementation of the project of Segezha municipal district administration is going to reduce the amount of subsidies to cover losses of water supply organization, and the population will receive high quality water.

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