On December 17 in the Business Centre of “Karelia” hotel within the frames of Karelia ENPI CBC Programme, Final joint seminar “Development of renewable energy in the Republic of Karelia, results of international projects 2013-2014” was held. Target audience of the Seminar were Partners and participants (stakeholders) of two international Projects of Karelia ENPI CBC Programme: KA535 «Sustainable utilization of water resources in the Republic of Karelia» and KA396«Development of cross-border biofuel infrastructure» including the key Partner of the above mentioned Projects -- the Ministry for Construction, Housing and Energy of the Republic of Karelia. Totally about 30 representatives from the Republic of Karelia, St-Petersburg and Finland participated in the Seminar. 

Welcome speech was presented by Dmitry Bazegsky, Head of the ENPI CBC Karelia programme office in Petrozavodsk.

Victor Markov, Project manager from KAEEC, introduced the results of the «Development of cross-border biofuel infrastructure» Project. The project was aiming at assisting the Karelian republican and municipal authorities in improving the local biofuel production infrastructure with priority given to the raw material, delivery logistics, production technologies, storage and final utilization of local biofuels in the border Karelian municipalities and with the application of relevant Finnish experiences, technologies and procurement solutions.

Erkki Perala, Production manager of Turveruukki OY made presentation about Role of the Finnish partners in the implementation of КА396 Project.

Vladimir Ananjev, Leading Research Associate in the Laboratory for Boreal Forest Dynamics and Production of Forest Research Institute and Oleg Kusnetsov Senior Researcher of the Laboratory for Mire Ecosystems of Institute of Biology made presentations about potential wood and peat resources availability in the northern part of Karelia.

Roman Neronov, Chief engineer of Karelian company “Piter-PEAT” shared their experience of fuel peat production and use in the following settlements of the Republic of Karelia: Pryazha, Essoila and Veshkelitsa. Also he described problems and difficulties arising in their activities.

Alexander Berdino, Projects coordinator of Karelian Energy Efficiency Centre has summarized results of the above mentioned Projects and Final seminar itself. In addition participants have discussed new ideas for the future cooperation.

Karelian journalists have visited the Seminar and interviewed Finnish and Russian experts. Information about it was published on Karelian TV and their channels on YoutubeVkontakte and Facebook.

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