Main financial instruments: grants and loans

Several reports were worked out by the project partners and experts:

  1. Reconnaissance study for small hydropower development as a mean for remote villages’ electrification in the Republic of Karelia, (Vesirakentaja OY)
  2. Отчет о текущей ситуации в энергоснабжении и возможностях развития возобновляемой энергетики в 8 удаленных населенных пунктах РК (ANO EEC )
  3. Engineering survey for the construction of a small HPP in the Reboly settlement (Nord Hydro)
  4. Развитие малой гидрогенерации в поселках с децентрализованным энергоснабжением (Nord Hydro)
  5. Hydropower development in Finland (AF Consult presentation)
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