Energy-saving project in public school № 4 in Petrozavodsk

Objective: introduction of energy-saving measures aimed at reduction of electricity use and improvement of in-school climate in the school building.

The following activities were carried out:

  • heat insulation of windows
  • installation of an automatic heat supply point
  • balancing of a heating system of the building
  • insulation of pipes in the garret

Participants: ANO "EEC", Petrozavodsk City Administration,Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) and Global Environmental Facility

Funding: GEF grant – 20.000 euros, NEFCO grant – 31.500 euros and 11500 euros from funds of Petrozavodsk City Administration. 

Project activities:

A tender for concluding a municipal contract on "Implementation of activities aimed at introduction fo energy-saving technologies in municipal educational institution "Public general education school №4" (NEFCO  NMF  1/97 АI/06)  was organized and held for the following lots:

  • Lot №1 – Balancing of the heating system with the installation of balancing valves;
  • Lot № 2-  Restoration of a heat supply point with night heat release; 
  • Lot №3 -  Insulation of windows, reconstruction of window frames;
  • Lot №4  - Heat insulation of pipes.

Public school № 4 occupies a single building constructed in 1964. The buiding is og n-shape and has a basement that is partially underground because of the slanted terrain. A heat supply point is located in the basement which is partly heated. The building is in daily use of 523 people, 450 of which are students.

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