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Project KA5041 works with students

1 october 2020

The field practical seminar was held within the framework of the "Green school" of the Karelia cross-border cooperation programme project KA 5041 "Green technologies in tourism to reduce the negative impact on the environment".

Project Manager Sergey Koshelev told the participants about the project and presented the booklet "Environmentally and economically reasonable solutions for lowering negative environmental impact" published in September 2020.

Vladimir Gribko, head of the maintenance department of one of Russia's oldest nature reserves "Kivach", showed students modern innovative environmental solutions on the territory of the reserve: a new toilet for visitors, which allows to completely prevent the discharge of waste water into the ground; the most powerful heat pump in Karelia and solar panels.

The silent air-to-air heat pump provides autonomous heating without gas, diesel, or firewood and is 4-6 times as energy efficient as electric heaters. Special filters make it possible to clean the air from bacteria, odors and allergens, which is especially important on the territory of the cafe in the reserve "Kivach".

A hybrid solar power plant was installed in the Kivach nature reserve in August 2019 to ensure uninterrupted power supply to the meteorological station. Additional electricity consumers can be connected to it. Such a backup solar power plant based on a hybrid system consisting of solar panels, a hybrid inverter operating both from the grid and from solar panels, and a set of batteries can be actively used by owners of country houses and tourist accommodation facilities in the event of power outages. It can be connected to a refrigerator, water pump, hot water boiler, lighting.... Students were particularly surprised that such a station can be installed within one working day.

Based on the materials of the newspaper "Lyceum" (Russian)

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