rooftop works

The windows of art residence in Kostomukshsky nature reserve now glow with a cozy light in the dark forest. It now has lectricity, which is generated by a solar station!

Yesterday, the most challenging task, the installation of solar panels in the art residence, was completed. We have been working on this for a long time – we studied possible options for using solar energy and types of components, went to colleagues who have already implemented this idea. Then there was a series of purchases of the necessary equipment, preparation of the installation site for solar panels and transportation of the station itself to the art residence.

Finally, the installation started. In two days, we fixed 9 solar panels on the roof, made electrical wiring and installed the "heart " of the system – a hybrid invertor.

Click the switch and the light comes on! This is a victory! It's so easy now to forget that we are in the woods far from civilization.

The equipment was purchased and installed within the framework of the KA5043 cross-border cooperation Programme project "Green solutions for nature protected areas".

Source - Kostomukshsky Nature Reserve