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Comfortable conditions for tourists created in Kivach NR

30 july 2020

On June 29 in Kivach NR a new batch of equipment was installed in the framework of project "Green solutions for nature protected areas" (KA5043).

Installation of 2 heat pumps in the museum of the nature reserve was performed by a brigade of experts working for a company whose business area is introduction of modern green technologies. Heat pumps (air-to-air) will function both as a source of heat and air conditioned in hot weather. The use of enerfy efficient (high COP) heat pumps  in place of electric conventors will make it possible to lower the use of electricity and will onviously make the museum a more comfortable place for the visitors.  

Today a solar collector will be installed on the roof of the Sedoy Kivach cafe. We will tall about it in a separate piece of news! 

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