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Entrepreneurs working in tourism learned about green technologies

19 february 2021

On February 18, 2021 a retreat for owners and managers for tourist accommodation sites was held in the framework of Karelia CBC project КА5041 «Green Nature Based Solutions in Tourism to reduce negative impact on the environment». Tourists information center of the Republic of Karelia gathered the audience for the seminar, while the arrangement of the event in the territory of State Nature Reserve Kivach was the job of ANO Energy Efficiency Centre.

Despite the cold weather, seminar participants paid a lot of attention to green technologies and equipment installed in the nature reserve - heat pumps, hot water solar collector and a solar power station. The head of the department of provosion for primary activities of Kivach, Vladimir Gribko,  and the expert of project KA5041, Alexander Berdino, were the guides to the world of environmental protection. The demonstrated sustainable and enegry efficient equipment installed in the framework of project KA5043 GreenSol to the guests. Sipping their cups of tea in Sedoy Kivach cafe (that is powered by green technologies itself) the guests partook in a liely discussion of practical issues of applying green technologies they learned about.

All guests were provided with the guidlines for owners and managers of tourist accommodation sites published at the expense of project KA5041. The guidlines offered advice on environmentally and economically sensible solutions for lowering negative impact on the environment. 

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