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Promoting responsible approach to waste management

23 june 2022

We continue our work on the Russian-Norwegian project aiming to inform the population of Petrozavodsk of the importance of separate waste collection and waste sorting. 
Today we held a meeting the the representatives of information agency Respublica and Ekaterina Vinogradova (regional waste management operator KEO LLC) where planned activities were discussed. 

We are planning the following:

  • creating a map of recyclables collection points based on Yandex Maps, which will make it possible to find a closest location where waste collected by citizens can be handed over.
  • preaparation of an article with the information on the amount of waste generated by the city, and the data on its share that could have been recycled.
  • shooting a video on proper sorting, collection and utilization of paper and PET bootles. 

We want to show the citizens of Petrozavodsk that waste should not be wasted, and each of them can contribute to the reduction of the amount of waste at the landfill in Orzega as well as to the broadening the capacity for waste recycling which will considerably reduce the negative impact on the environment in the city and the region. 

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