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Work meeting with water experts

12 december 2013

Topic: Discussion of the Ladoga’s point sources of pollution research results  

Goal: To identify the most toxic points of wastewater outlet (both treated and untreated)

Date and Time: 05.12.2013, 10:00-12:00

Venue: Project Office, Enegelsa str. 10, Petrozavodsk 

Results of the discussion

Before the meeting all the participants were sent the report “Anthropogenic impact of local discharge points on the northern part of the Ladoga Lake” prepared by the Institute of Northern Water Problems of KarRC. The participants were also given the tables of chemical composition of waste waters from each local discharge point (19 totally) as well as the conclusions made by the research group from the Institute of northern water problems. Moreover, the participants were handed out the official letter by “Rosprirodnadzor” № 03-01-2362 dated 12.07.2013. The letter points out 12 clusters that should be inspected and reconstructed according to “Rosprirodnadzor” officials. It also contains a list of objects to be developed in the framework of Comprehensive water treatment system project in the Republic of Karelia in 2014. 

The representative of the Ministry for construction, housing and communal services and energy of RK  provided important information concerning the plans of the Government for further development of housing and utility sector in the framework of the program devoted to a centenary celebration of RK. The list of top priority objects includes waste treatment facilities in the following settlements of Northern Priladozhje: Salmi, Olonets, Kotkozero, Vidlitsa, Zaozerniy, Helulya, Sortavala.

Having considered the abovementioned facts as well as data received after the chemical analysis of waste waters, the group of experts has chosen the following objects (sewage treatment facilities - STF) in each of 4 districts:

Lahdenpohja district:

  1. STF in Lahdenpohja
  2. Village Huuhkanmjaki, well (without treatment)
  3. STF in Kurkijoki village
  4. STF in Ihala village

Sortavala district:

  1. STF in Zaozerniy village
  2. STF in Helulya

Pitkjaranta district:

  1. STF in Impilahti
  2. Untreated discharge point in Rautalahti
  3. STF in Salmi

Olonets district:

  1. STF in Olonets
  2. STF in Vidlitsa
  3. STF in Ilyinsky

Total: 12 objects


A. To collect missing data on chemical composition of waste waters in Pitkjaranta in 2013 (Biological treatment plant of a pulp plant in Pitkjaranta).

B. To hold meetings in related districts with local authorities and concerned organizations like service companies, facilities’ owners, controlling bodies and environmental organizations, etc. An inventory of the objects should be made during the 1st quarter of 2014. The detailed description of the objects will become basis for the development of pre-investment documents like business plans or feasibility studies for reconstruction of current facilities or construction of the new ones.

Participants of the work meeting:

Grafova Elena Associated professor of PetrSU, chair of water supply and water discharge
Goldenberg Polina State inspector of Russia on control in the sphere of water objects use and protection, land use and environmental protection in RK, Branch of Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Natural Resource Use (“Rosprirodnadzor”) in RK
Furdui Evelina Senior specialist of the department of communal infrastructure of the Ministry for construction, housing and communal services and energy of RK
Gorbunova Valentina Head of operation and technical department of CJSC "Karelvodokanal", Sortavala
Baraeva Tamara Acting director of «Centre of laboratory analysis and industrial gaging of the Republic of Karelia» 
Berdino Alexander Project manager, ANO "Energy efficiency center"


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