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First information seminar of the project

28 march 2014

The first information seminar of the "Clean Ladoga" project took place in "Karelia" hotel on March 27, 2014. The experts presented the results of the comprehensive research of Ladoga lake water resources held for the 1st time in 10 years and the relevant recommendations on the decrease of anthropogenic impacts on water and biological resources of the lake.

The researches put great emphasis on revelation of the level of anthropogenic impact on Ladoga and its tributaries. According to Sergey Komulainen (in the pic.) who is a senior researcher of Institute of biology of KarRC RAS the analysis showed that the greatest negative impact is caused by agricultural facilities (croplands and livestock farms located close to water), as well as low-effictive, and sometimes nonoperational, water treatment plants located in the coastal cities and villages. Petr Lozovik who represents the Institute of water problems of the North also emphasises strong impact caused by intensively developing trout farms.  

Consequently, the conducted researches revealed a number of problems that require to be solved as soon as possible and a work group of Russian and Finnish experts prepared an extended list of recommendations on reduction of the anthropogenic load. It includes the following high-priority tasks

  • establishment of forest protective belts in water protection areas and transfer of agricultural facilities beyond them; 
  • regulation of the further development of trout farms; 
  • construction of new treatment facilities for untreated sewage waters and improvement of efficiency of the existing ones.

Moreover, the conducted researches will become a basis for the selection of the most problematic waste water treatment plants, development of feasibility studies and design documentation for the reconstruction of a minimum of 4 objects and offer them for investments to private and public investors. Local communities are actively involved in the process: during the summer the lead partner will o a series of trainings for the employees of treatment facilities, who will work with the new equipment, as well as for entrepreneurs and local authorities responsible for the implementation of measures to reduce pollution of Lake Ladoga in practice.  



The importance of the settlement of the identified problems is noted not only by the scientific community, but also by the representatives of local authorities and local self-government. The representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Ecology, as well as the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Energy who participated in the seminar expressed their willingness to support the initiatives of the project partners, and talked about the work that is already underway in this direction. Particular attention was paid to the legislation. The senior expert of the department of surveillance of water resources, geological supervision and protection of mineral resources of RosPrirodNadzor Pauline Goldenberg (pictured above) spoke about amendments to the Water Code and the Code of Administrative Offences that entered into force on November 1, 2013. They are designed to deal with unconscientious businessmen to whom, until recently, it was more profitable to pay a fine for violation of environmental laws, than to deal with the disastrous consequences of the activities of their companies. 

It is obvious that it is impossible to solve all the identified problems that have been accumulating for decades within the same two-year project. That is why today the international partnership project consortium decided to continue this activity in the future, including the framework of project activities under the European Partnership Instrument program that will start in the end of 2015. The goal of all future projects will remain the same: to make the shore of Lake Ladoga a comfortable place to stay for the locals, attractive for tourists and useful for a limited fishery

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