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Training seminar for local and regional authorities

2 august 2014

A training seminar for local and regional authorities devoted to "Construction (reconstruction) of water supply and discharge facilities in the Republic of Karelia" was organized thanks to active support of the Ministry for construction, housing and energy of the Republic of Karelia on August 1, 2014 in the "Park Inn" hotel. The specialists presented financial instruments available for local and regional authorities: international granting programs (CBC ENPI Karelia, etc.), loan financiang by NEFCO (Nordic Environment Financial Corporation) and Russian federal target programs. Experts also presented up-to-date low-cost technical solutions for sewage water treatment for small towns and villages.

Moreover the partners discussed further steps to be made in the framework of the project in cooperation with the Ministry. They finally selected the settlements fo which feasibility studies will be elaborated (in the form agreed with the Government): Vidlitsa, Olonets, Salmi, Khelulja and Zaozerny. This decisoon will allow the settlements to start elaborating design and estimate documentation for construction (reconstruction) of water tratment facilities located there. Consequently, they will be able to become fully fledged participants of the events devoted to the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of Karelia (the list in Russian could be found here).

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