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Technical survey of facilities in Sortavala and Pitkjaranta districts

27 october 2014

5 water discharge facilities located in Northern Priladozhje were included in to the plan of "Actions on preparation for 100th anniversary of the Republic of Karelia" finaced from federal and local budgets. The data on treatment facilities and sewage networks of Olonets and Vidlitsa were collected by the experts in June 2014. 3 more facilities requiring a feasibility study for further reconstruction and new construction were inspected by the project experts in October 2014. These were treatment facilities in Khelulya and Zaozerny settlements in Sortavala district and Salmi settlement in Pitkjaranta district. 


At the moment the data on all 5 facilitis are collected, it will allow prepare 5 feasibility studies later in November and transfer them to local authorities bodies both of the districts and the settlements. Pictures of the studied facilities could be found in Photogallery.

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