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Plans on establishment of a specially protected area

14 november 2014

Project experts (representing KarRC) were working on scientific substantiation of the establishment of a nature reserve "Suskjanjoki" from June to October this year. The final document was prepared by the beginning of November. This document as well as furhter actions on the establishment of a specially protected area along Suskjanjoki river became the main topics for discussion at the meeting held on November 14. The meeing was attended by:

  • Ieshko Y. - leader of a research team
  • Berdino A. - leader of "Clean Ladoga" project
  • Kiprukhin I. - representative of the Ministry for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
  • Maksimov D. -  director of "Directorate of specially protected areas"

It was decided to send an official request to the Ministry on behalf of KarRC to include this object (Suskjanjoki river) into the list of specially protected ares to be established in the near future. It will allow starting the elaboration of a feasibility study, getting necessary permits from local authorities and conducting  the ecological expertise at the end of this year. 

The scientific report itself was decided to be published as brochure and dissiminated among all interested organizations (30 copies). The electronic version of the report will be later published on the web-sites of the project and KarRC. 

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