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Final seminar of "Clean Ladoga" project

3 december 2014

Final seminar of "Clean Ladoga" project was held in Petrozavodsk on December 2.

"Clean Ladoga" project was started in January 2013. For this period of 2 years the project experts and scienists were conducting researches, elaborating pre-investment documentation, recommendations and substantinations. The key event of the project was the construction of a sewage network with a pumping station that allowed closing a sewage waters discharge point in one of Sortavala districts.

Hydrochemical measurements were made in 74 points of Northern Priladozhje in Olonets, Pitkjaranta, Lahdenpohja and Sortavala districts in 2013. The experts were studying the condition of water in lakes and rivers running into them and were looking for problem "hot spots". The most polluted river was found to be Sedoksa river in Olonets district, and the cleanest - Suskjanjoki in Pitkjaranta district. Moreover 19 sewage treatment facilities were checked. It turned out that only 7 of them work more or less properly and the rest of them either do not function at all or do not purify the sewages properly. The researchers together with the Ministry for construction, housing policy and energy jointly chose 5 most problem of them and proposed their technical solutions on the reconstruction based on Finnish experience. These were treatment facilities and sewage networks in Olonets, Vidlitsa, Salmi, Zaozerny and Khelulya settelements. 

Technical descriptions and proposals for reconstruction prepared by the project will become a basis for the elaboration of design specifications and estimates for the reconstruction of the selected objects that were included into the plan of activities in the framework of 100 anniversary of the Republic of Karelia celebration. 

Moreover the experts found out that Syskyanjoki rever is the most clean and perspective one in terms of bioresorces: it has all the conditions necessary for culturing of valuable fish species - landlocked salmon and bull trout. The project participants proposed to establish a nature reserve along the river, to plant fry, to start the study of fish there and organize fishery for tourists. 

All these topic were discussed at the final seminar that gathered not only project partners and experts, bu also the representatives of regional, local and federal authorities. 

The news article and video about thу final seminar and project in general was issued by TV channel "Karelia". You can view it here.

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