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Heat supply in the Republic of Karelia, study and analysis.

24 august 2018

Heat supply in the Republic of Karelia, study and analysis.

ANO EEC together with PKS-Teploseti filled in and submitted questionnaires on the existing systems of district heating in the Republic of Karelia and Petrozavodsk in the framework of Interreg Baltic Sea Region project LowTEMP “Low temperature district heating for the Baltic Sea Region”.

The  overall  aim  of  LowTEMP  is  to  contribute  to  the  reduction  of  energy  waste  and  greenhouse  gas  emissions in  the  Baltic  Sea  Region  by  promoting  sustainable  and  efficient  energy  supply  systems. 

The questionnaires  are  structures  for  the  collection  of  information  on  the  institutional, organisational  and  technical  framework  for  LTDH  in  the  partner  municipalities  and  regions.  The  report  resulting from processing the questionnaires by a Finnish project partner Thermopolis Oy will compile  several  analyses  and  will  include  a  comparison  of  the  differences  and  similarities  between  the  participating  BSR  municipalities  and  regions.  The  report  will  be  used  in  LowTEMP  as  a  basis  for  the  activities  in  other  Groups  of  Activities  and  as  an instrument  to  learn  about  each  other  and  to  share  knowledge,  good  practices  and  challenges. 

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