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Survey trips to water courses and reconnaissance investigation.

26 november 2018

A major event in the framework of KA5016 project took place on the Russian side of the border.

After discussing criteria for selection of pilot sites for the project with Finnish partners, Karelian Center for  Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (KarChem) finalized the list of rivers for the installation of water quality monitoring equipment and took survey trips to possible installation sites.

KarChem performed field-data analysis of hydrological and hydrochemical state of rivers Aurajoki, Tohmajoki, Janisjoki, Tulemanjoki, Uuksunjoki, Vidlitsa and Olonka that are major tributaries of Lake Ladoga in the Republic of Karelia.

A reconnaissance investigation of level gauges and mouth areas of the rivers was carried out on 29.10-09.11.2018. The sites were assessed with respect to criteria jointly elaborated with Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).  According to the investigation results, it is most reasonable to monitor water quality at large watercourses such as Olonka, Vidlitsa and Janisjoki.

Drawing up of a preliminary list of parameters for hydrochemical monitoring of watercourses is another result of the survey.

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