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“GreenSol” project seminar in Vodlozersky national park

13 december 2018

“GreenSol” project seminar in Vodlozersky national park

On December 12 a two-day seminar dedicated to a cross-border cooperation project “Green solutions for nature protected areas” (GreenSol). Over 40 people gathered in the visit center of Vodlozersky national park, among them project managers, ТЗ employees, Kuganavolok citizens and concerned local people.

In the course of the seminar, the project was presented to the audience. The seminar was opened by project coordinator Alexader Berdino who reported on the plans for two upcoming years. He noted that the central goal of the project is to improve living and working conditions of employees and visitors of the NP while simultaneously reducing the negative impact on the environment on its territory.

According to the project coordinator, the goal will be achieved with the help of Finnish partners. Oulun Energia OY is one of the leaders in the sphere of development and introduction of green energy solutions in Finland. Highly skilled professionals will hold study visits for project partners, share their experience and help elaborate strategies of further activities.

The technical expert of the project, Sergey Korolev told the audience about the equipment to be installed on the territory of a new visit center in Vodlozersky NP next year. According to Sergey, an experimental solar panel installation will appear in Novguda along with heat pumps.

The seminar took quite some time as participants asked a lot of questions, showed interest in the equipment of the future, discussed the opportunities for international partnership in the framework of the project.

The first expedition to the NP territory will take place in the beginning of 2019. Follow the news on the official website of Vodlozersky NP - http://vodlozero.ru/about/proekty/proekt-zelyenye-resheniya-dlya-prirodookhrannykh-territoriy-greensol-/


Based on materials of press service of Vodlozersky NP

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