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Intercalibration in the framework of KA5016

25 january 2019

In the framework of ENI CBC Karelia project "Joint cross-border environmental monitoring system" partner organizations Karelian Centre for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (KarCHEM) and Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) along with the lead partner ANO Energy Efficiency Center held several events in the framework of intercalibration. 

On January 22 the partners met in Sortavala to discuss practical arrangements of the procedure as well as find common ground concerning terminology and measuring methods. This meeting concluded a series of online meeting that went on since the kick-off of the project. KarCHEM and SYKE also exchanged pre-made synthetic and blank samples.

On January 23 samples of water from Tohmajoki river near Rytty settlement were collected which is documented with the help of a sampling certificate. Collected sample was split between the partners for further laboratory analysis both in Karelia and in Finland.

Upon completion of analysis the partners will hold a Skype meeting to discuss the result and plan further project activities.

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