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KarCHEM is performing river water sampling (KA5016)

8 may 2019

Between 23 and 25 of May, 2019 during spring flood peak, water sampling has been carried out at surveyed waterbodies:


Permanent observation point

Temporary observation point

Olonka river

Level gauge-1 on Olonka river – Olonets settlement (60°58′53″N, 32°57′10″E)

Mouth of Olonka river (61°03′45″N, 32°35′53″E)

Tulemanjoki river

Level gauge-1 on Tulemanjoki river – Salmi settlement (61°22′38″N, 31°52′01″E)

Mouth of Tulemanjoki river (61°21′40″N, 31°51′09″E)

Uuksunjoki river

Level gauge-1 on Uuksunjoki river – Uuksu settlement (61°30′11″N, 31°35′57″E)

Mouth of Uuksunjoki river (61°29′24″N, 31°35′50″E)

Tokhmajoki river

Tokhmajoki river – Rytty settlement (61°48′30″N, 30°35′51″E)

Mouth of Tokhmajoki river(61°44′21″N,30°44′13″E)


The samples have been delivered to the laboratory where the measurements are carried out in accordance with the observation programme.

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