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A study trip of KarChem experts at SYKE and FMI

7 june 2019

On May 19-24, 2019 KarChem experts took a study trip to SYKE (Finnish Environment Institute) and FMI (Finnish Meteorological Institute).

In the course of workshops the sides got familiar with equipment in use, personnel certification, databases as well as discussed factors influencing the plausibility of the results of chemical analyses and impact of errors committed at these stages and leading to distortion and divergence of results of chemical analyses. 

Study trip venues:

Online water quality monitoring station (Pitkäkoski, Vantaa)

Arificial swamp Rantamo-Seitteli (in the are of Tuusula)


- laboratory;

- office;


- air chemistry laboratory;

- city air quality laboratory;

- radioactivity lab;

- national reference and calibration laboratory for air quality measurements. 

Data on the arrangement of the monitoring system in Finland and in the Russian Federation will be very useful for further activities in the framework of KA5016 and further cooperation.

The sides dicussed the time for reverse visit aimed at presentation of KarChem activities and automated equipment that is being procured for hydrochemical monitoring of waterbodies in the framework fo KA5016. 


In detail in an article on the Programme website.

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