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"Green Solutions" in the energy sector continue to be introduced in Karelia

17 july 2019

A new pilot object of the GreenSol project (Karelia CBC Programme) appeared in the Vodlozersky National Park in the Ohtoma tourist camp on July 13 this year.

 This is the third object in the park and the second solar power station (the first one was installed on the cordon of Novguda), supplied in the framework of the KA5043 GreenSol project.

Eight solar panels and 6 batteries will fully provide electricity to a popular tourist base. First of all, the "green energy" will work for lighting, charging tourists' gadgets, the work of the Forest Guard and the work of WiFi. By the way, this is the first tourist base in the park, equipped with wireless Internet.
Now the equipment itself feeds the house in which the park inspector lives and works. Connecting to the "green energy" tourist houses is the second stage of work, which is already scheduled for August of this year.
The station allows withstanding a short-term load of up to 6 kW, while in normal mode the equipment produces about 3 kW of electrical power (220V). The system of six batteries can autonomously work for about 2 hours on such a load. The camp does not consume much energy, so at current consumption, the station can supply power to the tourist base for about 4 days without recharging of the batteries. Thus, solar generation will be able to almost completely replace petrol electric generator, and this is the main task of the project!

In addition, thanks to new green technologies, living on the Okhtoma cordon will now be much more comfortable for guests and employees of the National Park.

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