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Implementation of LowTEMP pilot projects

26 august 2019

Survey of 73 out of 145 objects is completed in Petrozavodsk in the framework of LowTEMP pilot measures.

Implementation of the first pilot project in the framework of "Low-temperature district heating for the Baltic Sea region" is carried out from June to September 2019. 145 social and public objects such as school and kindergaren buildings are surveyed to reveal their state, energy efficiency potential, heat consumption over the last 5 years as well as to elaborate a list of measures to reduce their heat consumption and provide advice.

Analysis of the current energy-efficiency status of municipal facilities in Petrozavodsk is the first step towards potential introduction of low-temperature solutions. This pilot project will make it possible to create a database with information on a large number of municipal objects and their state, to work our specific recommendations on reducing heat consumption from the city network which may lead to lowering the heat medium temperature in the network in the future.

As of August 2019, 73 objects are surveyed. The work is expected to be finished by September 5.

The second pilot project will follow up the efforts. Based on the results of the first pilot project objects for further measures will be selected in October 2019 - May 2020. Design and estimate documentation will be elaborated for renovation and/or modernisation of heat substations of these objects, inlcuding equipment specifications. 

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