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SortWater training seminar in Joensuu

6 september 2019

Water management experts of Joensuu and Sortavala gathered together in Joensuu on 22nd  of August for the seminar organized by Finnish Environment Institute. In Joensuu Science Park specialists of Joensuun vesi and Schneider Electric spoke on how water management is organized in Finland.

Sanitation engineer of Joensuun vesi, Mrs. Sanna Pihlapuro, explained how a tariff is formed and approved in Finland. Karelvodokanal was particularly interested in this issue. After discussion colleagues from both sides of the border agreed that the difference between Finnish and Russian procedures is significant.

Operations manager from Joensuun vesi, Mr. Pasi Kakkonen, spoke on quality control of natural and potable water. He described how water protecting legislation works and how it affects municipal water management. In the presentation and in the discussion after presentation quality control of natural and potable water at various stages of water supply in both countries were the focus of attention and as well obligations of the water provider.

Mrs. Pihlapuro continued by describing the decision making and financing of a Finnish water supply company. She listed the criteria for defining the need for establishment of a district water discharge facilities, who plans and what is the basis for reconstruction or construction of new facilities. Part of her presentation was devoted to the financing of investments. In Finland companies save money from their own funds for many years according to the investment plan investing plan, and are able to finance investments by themselves. There was a lively debate on the matter and the scheme of funding the construction in Sortavala was discussed as well.

The seminar ended with the presentation of Mr. Petri Ikonen, service manager of the company Schneider electric Finland. He showed real examples of operation regimes of water network pumping stations. With on-line connection to the network of pumping stations, he showed the whole construction process of a typical Finnish network of water and waste water pumping stations. Remote control systems were also discussed.

In conclusion, the participants stated that the seminar increased knowledge on water supply management on both sides of the border.

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