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Survey of hotel complex "Segezha"

22 july 2019

In the middle of July in the framework of implementation of an international project КА5041 "Green Nature Based Solutions in Tourism to reduce negative impact on the environment" of CBC Programme Karelia technical experts of ANO EEC made a trip to Segezha. 

Hotel complex "Segezha" has over 50 rooms of different class, restaurant and cafe. The goal of the trip was to survey the complex and look for possibilities to implement engineering energy-efficient and green solutions. 

Heating systems, including heating units and networks, lightning systems and water discharge system were surveyed. Engineering systems were assessed in terms of the prospects for their modernization and reconstruction in order to increase energy and resource saving potential and in the end decreasing negative impact on the environment. 

The experts gathered significant amount of data for performing necessary calculations and proposing technically advanced and nature-benefitting solutions that could be implemented at this facility in the future. 

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