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Construction of an Eco-Bridge is going on.

28 october 2019

Initially the core idea of the Eco-Bridge project (Karelia CBC Programme) was “building” a cross-border bridge between experts in the areas of hydrochemistry, hydrology and meteorology from two sides of the “river” – a border between Russia and Finland. This bridge built on transfer of data on technologies and methods, equipment and methods for analysis of obtained data used for monitoring of the state of air and water. The project provides the experts of Finnish Environment Institute, Finnish Meteorological Institute and Karelian Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (KarChem) with a unique opportunity to discuss aspects of operation of water and air monitoring systems on both sides of the border, see for themselves what equipment and methods their colleagues use.  

They used this opportunity this time, when on October 22 Finnish guests visited all laboratories of KarChem (hydrochemistry, hydrology, air chemistry and radiometry) and took part in sampling in Petrozavodsk gulf of Lake Onega (near the city water intake point). Finnish colleagues also participated in the information seminar the following day. The seminar for a broad audience of stakeholders was held in the KarChem office (3 Varkaus Emb., Petrozavodsk) where the laboratories of meteorologists, weather observers, hydrologists and chemists are.  A lot of questions were asked from the suppliers of modern automated remote monitoring of waterbodies. The participants could even hold equipment in their own hands. One of the suppliers, that has already installed a modern hydrochemical complex at Olonka river showed how the station works in real time. Five key parameters of the water quality are measured on an hourly basis! Two similar complexes will be commissioned in November at rivers  Uuksunjoki and Tulemajoki. 

Partner meeting was a crucial part of the event. Partners exchanged updates on the project implementation and drew up project development plans for the near future. Finnish and Russian partners have a lot of plans that can only be realized in cooperation.

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