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Work meeting of KA5016 partners on development of GIS software

3 february 2020

On January 29, 2020 a work meeting of project partners took place in the form of a video conference to discuss early version of software developed by Arbonaut Ltd.

Project partners ANO Energy Efficiency Centre, Karelian Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring,  Arbonaut Ltd and Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).  

Arbonaut Ltd developer showed how the software interface is going to look and which information will be accessible for all users.

The partners discussed the need for providing common public with full data from analyses performed by the KarCHEM laboratory on a quarterly basis and preliminarily agreed on the list of analysed elements similar to that analysed by SYKE.

SYKE experts made a request to add the information on water catchment areas and soil to the GIS (Geographic Information System) maps. 

Participants of the meeting expressed their openness to further cooperation in order to produce a user-friendly and high-demand product. 

New product added to basket