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Implementation of LowTEMP pilot measures in Petrozavodsk

13 february 2020

On February 13, 2020 a work meeting of ANO Energy Efficiency Centre and heads of committees for housing utilities and social development took place at Petrozavodsk City Administration. At the meeting ANO EEC presented the results of survey of heat supply systems of municipal social facilities such as kindergartens, schools, libraries and cultural institutions. Survey that was based on the heat consumption data over a 5-year period (2014-2018) showed that about 15 buildings have heat supply issues, namely average heat consumption per square meter there is 5-6 times higher that that of similar buildings of schools and kindergartens. Substantially it could be said that at the meeting the conclusion was drawn to the first stage of pilot measures of LowTEMP project (Interreg BSR Programme).

As a result of the meeting, Petrozavodsk City Administration and ANO EEC reached an agreement regarding the following step for solving the problem:  

1.   The list of problematic objects will be drawn up and approved at the following meeting (10-12 objects);

2.   Additional data on heat use and losses at selected objects/buildings will take place;

3. A Terms of reference for design works ("Elaboration of design and estimate documentation for modernizing heat supply system of the building..") will be prepared for each object with regard to all recommendations in reports of ANO EEC for each object;

4.  ANO EEC will hold a tender for elaboration of design and estimate documentation and define a winner, then conclude a contract for elaboration of design and estimate documentation for each of the selected objects.

Upon completion of the design phase, ANO EEC and Petrozavodsk City Administration will receive all information necessary for further modernization of heat supply systems based on modern technologies of metering, control and automatic regulation of heat supply of social facilities of the city.

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