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GreenSol visit to Kostomuksha

28 february 2020

On February 26, 2020 partners of KA5043 met in Kostomuksha to visit the pilot site in Kostomukshsky Nature Reserve.

The host have shown a newly renovated art-residence, a place for artist to work on the nature reserve territory, fully detached from civilization. In winter one can only get there on snowmobiles and the trip is about 20 minutes long. The art-residence has been renovated in the framework of another Karelia CBC project - Karelian Art-Residency Network and Art Tourism (KARAT, KA3002).

At the moment the facility lacks electricity to provide comfortable accommodation to its creative guests. It will be fixed when a solar power station will be installed there as a part of our project. BIOLAN biotoilets are already installed there in the framework of GreenSol implementation. 

Kostomukshsky nature reserve also plans to develop sets of design and estimate documentation for a complex of tourist accommodation facilities for Kalevalsky National Park that would readily cover installation of modern eco-friendly solutions and technologies. 

At the work meeting of project partners other nature protected areas shared their achievements and plans, and made arrangements for joint events this year. 

Representatives of another project Kostomukshsky NR participates in, Urban Parks&Benefits in Kajaani&Kostamus (KA5000),  also took part in the trip and project meeting. Plans for equipping the art-residence with new tech as well as measures taken by other nature protected areas within KA5043 were of interest for our colleagues from another project.

As a result of the event, participants of both project received new information, broadened their field of connections and learned more about cross-border cooperation of nature protected areas of Finland and Russia.

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