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In Sortavala, a water pumping station of the 2nd lift has been put into permanent operation.

13 april 2020

The first stage of implementation of the international investment project of the cross-border cooperation program “KareliaCBC” in the city has been completed in part of reconstruction and construction of water supply facilities.

In the renovated building of the pumping station of the 2 lift, on the night of April 8 to 9, 2020, work was completed on connecting a new modular automatic pumping station (MAPS), equipped with Grundfos pumps, to the water distribution network of Sortavala.

Pre-commissioning tests of pumping equipment, power supply systems, and dispatching were performed before connection. The pumping equipment was connected to clean water reservoirs. In preparation for putting the pumping unit into operation, measures were taken to control the air-tightness of the piping of clean water reservoirs, shut-off valves and connecting elements were replaced in key parts of the system, technological washing and disinfection were carried out, as well as filling the reservoirs with water.

Today, the pumping station functions in a permanent operation mode. All automation and dispatching systems, electrical and pumping equipment, and water treatment systems operate within specified design parameters.

In the near future, finishing works and cosmetic repairs will be completed in the engine room and administrative areas of the station, as well as measures to modernize communication systems to provide remote monitoring and control of equipment operation parameters. Completion of the work in full is planned for the 3rd quarter of 2020.

The next stage of implementation of the investment project is the construction of a drinking water supply system of the city. Construction of water intake facilities and pumping station of the 1 lift in Hidenselka Bay of lake Ladoga will be completed. Most of construction and installation work at these facilities is scheduled for 2020. Currently, work has been completed on grounding the receiving well of the pumping station to the design marks, and work is underway on concreting the base of the well. Pipes for future water conduits have been delivered to the construction site in full, and preparatory work is underway for their laying and installation.

In the second quarter of 2020, it is planned to start implementing an investment project in part of water disposal, a tender will be held, a contractor will be identified and work will begin to close the discharge points of untreated wastewater by the bridge and school 1 to the Bay of lake Ladoga by building sewage pumping stations and pressure collectors.

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