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Servicing an automatic hydrochemical complex in Olonets

30 june 2020

The probe

25 of June, 2020 was the date when an automatic hydrochemical complex installed at the hydrological post at Olonka river in the framework of project KA5016 was scheduled for technical servicing. The measuring probe was recovered from the river, cleaned and washed.

Leading engineer of KarCHEM laboratory performed technical maintenance and calibration of meters. Afterwards the probe was mounted back in the special frame and returned into the river.

Simultaneously maintenance of energy supply system and data transfer systems was performed by the department of technical support and data transfer of KarCHEM, hydrological post number 1 in Olonets and the laboratory of environmental pollution.

Installation of automated hydrochemical complexes in one of the key outputs of project KA5016 on the Russian side, and the complex in Olonets is one of three already installed and operating. Proper technical maintenance of complex environmental monitoring equipment is the pledge of sustainability of project results.

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