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New life of a solar power station in Kimovaara

25 august 2020

The settlement of Kimovaara (Muezersky district of the Republic of Karelia) was one of the objects of the project completed in 2016 by NEFCO / PSK JSC named "Construction of Autonomous hybrid power plant (hereinafter — AHPP) based on solar and diesel generating equipment". The project made it possible to install a large number of photovoltaic panels in the village (installed capacity-37 kW), and other solar power plant equipment, but, unfortunately, soon after the launch of the station, inverters began to fail due to increased loads and lack of quality protection from these overloads!

Thanks to the efforts of PSK JSC, the project received a new impetus - in November 2019, at the expense of its own funds, PSK JSC modernized the AHPP in the settlement of Kimovaara.

In difficult conditions (see the video below) equipment was installed: new, more powerful inverters from the same manufacturer with total working capacity of batteries was increased by combining previously purchased batteries, and a satellite communication channel was installed.

As a result, data collection on solar power generation started at the end of January 2020. The new software allows for real-time monitoring of how much electricity the station generates. All data is stored in cloud storage. Thus we were able to analyze the total output for 7 months of the current year:

  • Useful electricity supply to the village (together with a diesel generator) - 38,096 kWh
  • Electricity generated from photovoltaic panels - 12,836 kWh
  • It is clearly visible that about 33% of the consumed electricity is the so-called green energy of the sun! This is a very high indicator. This means that such projects can be implemented even in the hard-to-reach Northern territories.


Modernization of Kimovaara solar power station

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