Project news

The first information seminar concluded research part of the project
28 march 2014
During the 1st information seminar of the project experts presented the results of a comprehensive Ladoga research
28 march 2014
The Fishery Working Group of the Joint Finnish – Russian Transboundary Water Commission met in Helsinki 19 - 20.03.2014
27 march 2014
The assessment of the bio-resources research work was done during the work meeting of project managers with the researchers.
12 february 2014
Work meeting on discussion of the Ladoga’s point sources of pollution research results was held on the 5th of December
12 december 2013
During summer and fall 2013 the experts of "Clean Ladoga" project have carried out significant research work in 2 major fields: water and biological resources in the Ladoga Lake and Ladoga basin rivers.
18 november 2013
Project team prepared Terms of reference for the scientistc
1 july 2013
First working meeting of Project Partners took place at the premises of Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Joensuu office, on 25 February 2013.
27 february 2013
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