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On January 28, 2021 projects KA6000, KA11022, KA10010 and KA5049 were presented at the webinar "Current water supply projects in the Karelian region of Russia"
28 january 2021
A movie about project KA5043 is up online
22 december 2020
On October 1, 2020 the project 'Improvement of water resource management in the Northern Ladoga border region' was launched
26 november 2020
The windows of art residence in Kostomukshsky nature reserve now glow with a cozy light in the dark forest. It now has lectricity, which is generated by a solar station!
11 november 2020
Development of design documentation for one of the selected objects has started
20 october 2020
Kostomukshsky Nature Reserve is a partner in 3 project of Karelia CBC Programme, our GreenSol being one of them
14 october 2020
As a result of the press-tour to Vodlozersky National Park an article was published on introduction of green technologies at nature protected areas in the Republic of Karelia
7 october 2020
Students and professors of the Institute of physical culture, sports and tourism and the Institute of forest, mining and construction of PetrSU visited nature reserve "Kivach", a hostel built using recycled wood resources.
1 october 2020
Recommendations for owners and managers of tourist accommodation in Karelia on lowering negative environmental impact are systemized and ready for use
28 september 2020
Our press tour to Vodlozersky National Park gathered 11 representatives of key mass media in Karelia
14 september 2020
The journalists asked numerous questions on sustainable green technologies, such as what they are and how they work, what are environmental and economic benefits of introducing such things as solar collectors and solar power stations.
25 august 2020
Thanks to the effort of PSK JSC a NEFCO project got a new impetus - in November 2019 PSK JSC used their own funds to modernize the autonomous hybrid power station in Kimovaara settlement.
25 august 2020
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